Green Context-specific Mobility

A table covered with notes and post-its from a workshop/discussion at COP21.

This working group aims to reinforce members’ understanding of evolving challenges, especially the accelerated conversations in the light of the COVID-19 crisis.

Instead of adopting radical and/or ‘(Western) Eurocentric’ positions, On the Move’s network tries as much as possible to provide nuanced approaches bearing in mind the complexity of some existing problems/solutions and the intersectionality of challenges at a global level.

This working group builds on the learnings of On the Move’s network, which has been dealing with the issue of mobility and environmental sustainability since 2010 (see the resources below). This group also works closely on On the Move’s sustainability policy, and in line with the SHIFT eco-certification for networks.

Members are mentioned in an indicative way. More On the Move’s members are free to join the sessions.

For activities of the group during 2022-2023, see the Perspective Report 2022 and the Perspective Report 2023, which collect details on the activities of all On the Move’s working groups.


Photo: ArtCOP21 Professional Workshop by D. Behar.