International Research Seminar Cultural and creative quarters and clusters > Call for papers (Angers, France)

This event co-organised by the University of Angers and the Creative Regions Network aims to foster international comparisons on cultural and creative industries quarters and cluster experiences from both academic and practitioner perspectives to deepen the debate on this topic and support a more global understanding and theorising of its manifestation.

Taken this into account these various gaps and issues and the increasing interest in cultural and creative clusters from policy makers in Europe (ECIA, 2013; 2014) and worldwide (UN, 2010; 2013), the objective of this two-day seminar is to bring together both academics and practitioners to exchange and debate about cultural and creative cluster experiences across the Globe to develop a more global and comparative understanding on how various experiences either coming from public initiatives or being generated organically have evolved over time and how their objectives and governance may be changing in different local, regional and national contexts.

The seminar will take place over the course of two days, 8-9th June 2015, at the University of Angers. It is envisaged to dedicate part of the first day to a Ph.D. and Young researcher workshop. In addition, the seminar will be a starting point to foster further collaboration between participants in the form of networking and academic publications i.e. journal special issues to capture the new insights that the seminar will generate.

Four bursaries sponsored by the Regional Studies Association are available to assist with travel and
accommodation expenses of RSA members parts of countries in bands B, D or C. Financial support must be requested at the time of the abstract’s submission. The award of bursaries will be made on the basis of theexpected benefits deriving from the participation to the seminar by the applicant.

Bursaries available:

- 2 bursaries of £150 for RSA member from Central and Eastern Europe (countries part of bands B, C and D);
- 2 bursaries of £350 for RSA members from Africa/Latin America/Middle East/ Asia (countries part of bands B, D and D)

Deadline: 27 February 2015

Find all details in the attached document