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The KTH Environmental Humanities Laboratory, in collaboration with the Rachel Carson Center and the Nelson Institute Center for Culture, History, and Environment  at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, is currently seeking submissions for the Stories of the Anthropocene Festival (SAF), which will take place on the 27, 28 and 29 of October 2016 in Stockholm, Sweden.

The organisers invite scholars, artists, writers, filmmakers, and activists to propose a single story that can represent or encapsulate the Anthropocene. They welcome stories from all possible angles and scales, rejecting any pre-constituted hierarchy between fiction and non-fiction, local and global, scientific and vernacular, academic and pop.

At SAF, participants will have 30 minutes to narrate or tell their story to the public in any format, including (but not limited to) video, dance, song, or theater. The audience will select their favorite stories, and these will be curated into an online platform, the Anthropocene Library. Please see below for submission guidelines.

Abstracts should include the source of the story, the format of the presentation, how the story fits with the theme of SAF, and any technical or other support you may need. There are two methods by which you can submit an abstract:

  1. Written abstract – please provide a 250-word abstract with the above information.

  2. Video abstract – please send us a link to a max. 3-minute long video including the above information.

Along with your abstract, please also provide a max. 250-word accompanying biography, including your contact details.

A limited amount of funding is available to cover partially travel costs of participants. Please make sure to include a request for funds in your application if needed.

Deadline: 15 June

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