Indonesian Curatorial residency at Delfina Foundation (UK)

As part of a three-year collaboration with IndoArtNow and SAM Fund for Arts & Ecology, Delfina Foundation is offering a three-month residency to a curator with Indonesian citizenship living and working in Indonesia. The residency period is 11 January to 8 April 2016 and will begin during DF’s winter period focused on curatorial research.

During the residency, DF will develop a loosely structured series of events and activities enabling residents to: 

  • Research and develop areas of interest

  • Develop skills via training and mentoring

  • Access information and resources through independent study, field trips and workshops

  • Participate in both internal and external/public events

This opportunity is open to both emerging and established curators.

The selected curator will receive:

  • A twelve-week residency in London, including one return, economy-class flight, and a living allowance for food/per diems and materials;

  • A single bedroom at DF with shared facilities, such as the laundry room, kitchen, and dining room;

  • Opportunities to engage in the art scene in UK through structured and independent time and activities; and

  • Access to a programme of planned group activities and visits to cultural organisations in the UK.

Deadline: 31 August

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