Artists in residence in Wroclaw (Poland) with artists from European partner-cities

A-i-R Wro is a long-term and interdisciplinary artist-in-residence programme established under the auspices of the European Capital of Culture Wroclaw 2016. Based on a collaboration of local and foreign partners it aims to create an international platform that will enable artists, curators, animators, managers, organizations and institutions to cooperate and exchange their experiences, practices, ideas and knowledge. In addition, A-i-R Wro intends to promote artists, support their development and mobility as well as to give them an opportunity to form cultural bonds beyond borders.

We invite artists representing various fields or active in border areas between them, interested in cooperation with representatives of the Wroclaw art and local communities and open to the creative exchange of experiences, and thus to build international cultural ties. What is an important aspect of the residency is thus being immersed in the fabric of the city and processing that fabric in an original way by any means of artistic expression. With more than a thousand years of history, Wroclaw is a city consisting of variety of different nations, cultures and their histories being at the same time a city which is nowadays recognized in Europe as an important center of social movements and avant-garde. Wroclaw’s application for the title of the European Capital of Culture relates to these traditions and experiences and from which the residents may draw inspiration and try to find a creative bond between Wroclaw and the cities they come from.

We invite artist living, learning or working in the following cities: Breda (the Netherlands), the Department of La Vienne (France), Dresden (Germany), Grodno (Belarus), Hradec Kralove (Czech Republic), Kaunas (Lithuania), Lille (France), Lviv (Ukraine) and Wiesbaden (Germany). To participate in the residency, applicants are required to speak English.

Among other cost covered, travels can be reimbursed of up to 300 euros.

Deadline: 5 April

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