Diskurs Festival 2015 (Germany) > Call for applications

DISKURS 15 will explore the many relationships of thought and discourse to space. Space can be seen as production of thought – of its perception and representation, but also its architectural planning and design. But conversally, as no thought can take place outside space, it is material and social spaces that shape discourse, allow for the circulation of distinctive ideas and regulate communication. Can new thoughts open up spaces? Or do they need new spaces in order to become even thinkable?

DISKURS 15 is consciously, critically and resistantly grounded in space. It will take place in the building of the Old University Library of Giessen, itself a historical statement on the relation of space and discourse. Here DISKURS 15 will establish a space both abstract and concrete: the Bodenstation (ground control). The Bodenstation will not function like a usual festival center, but as a stage, display, topos and aesthetic object itself. It will center the mental, social and physical spaces of the festival. The Bodenstation is form, content and discourse, a production place to be produced.

Topics of interest are: space and architecture, aesthetic and functional spaces, collisions and coalitions, interactivity. 

The organisers want to create a space where manifold connections between artists, students, scholars, journalists and the general public are possible. Therefore, they expect artists to be open for a critical exchange on the works presented. They are also interested in works and projects that allow for collaboration or participation with the public – the local art scene and many committed students are very appreciative of such an approach. They are interested in works from any genre - performance, dance, architecture, installation, sound, light, music etc.

DISKURS 15 is organised by students and will take over travelling expenses, transport charges, and accommodation. Also all participating artists will get a fee.

Deadline: 30 June

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