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The Centre international d’art et du paysage, Vassivière island, Limousin Region, France is launching a seventh season of artists’ residencies in the Castle.

The residencies are open to three artists and/or researchers applying separately or as a group to submit a research and creation project linked to the landscape of Vassivière and/or its history in the following domains:

Professional visual artists, for a research and experimentation project preparatory to an exhibition in another venue, or wishing to explore new work methods and emphase.

Writers, anthropologists, art critics, storytellers, philosophers, film directors, etc. are invited to apply with an experimentally-inflected writing and research project – possibly in association with a publisher, university, theatre, festival, etc.

Landscapers, ethnobotanists, architects, designers, graphic designers, choreographers, etc. are invited to apply with a research and creation project, possibly as part of a coproduction with another cultural body, university, art school, etc.

Each resident receives living expenses of 2000 euros taxes included. His or her presence is not required full time during the 4 months of the season, but the full amount on expenses can only be paid if the resident is present for a minimum of 60 days, continuously or otherwise. In addition the Art Centre covers the cost of one return trip between the resident's home and Vassiviere island up to a total amount of 300 euros.

Deadline: 8 December

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Source: ACCR