“Counterhegemony: Art in a Social Context” > Artist Fellowship, Nida Art Colony (Vilnius, Lithuania)

“Counterhegemony: Art in a Social Context“ is a seven-week Artist Fellowship Program at NIDA Art Colony that looks at genealogy, or the epistemic context within which bodies of knowledge become intelligible and authoritative, as a point of departure in art production. It is aimed at any art or cultural production that exists within or in reference to social forms of resistance that coalesce in opposition to hegemonic structures. This could include sculpture, video, installation, public art, site-specific work, interventions, post-studio art, discursive formats, performance, queer/feminist or postcolonial work, and any other cultural production that does not take for granted or erase knowledge of the institutional container which frames art, discourse, and the legitimization of knowledge.

Five to eight artists will be selected for the “Counterhegemony: Art in a Social Context” Fellowship Program, each of whom will receive a 600 euro stipend, free housing, travel expenses to and from the NIDA Art Colony, and a small exhibition production stipend. “Counterhegemony: Art in a Social Context” Fellowship Program will take place from November 1–December 19, 2014 and is curated by Andrea Liu. The exhibition at Contemporary Art Centre will take place from December 4–21, 2014.

Deadline: 17 September

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