Next City Seeks Artists to Showcase Work on UN World Stage

Next City is proud to announce an international arts opportunity for visual and performing artists from eight rapidly urbanizing cities to show work at United Nations meetings in Surabaya, Indonesia and Quito, Ecuador later this year.

Showcasing the work of selected artists, Next City World Stage will be the premier hub for the creative urbanist community in Surabaya and Quito for the two historic convenings — PrepCom3 and Habitat III. These once-in-a­-generation UN events bringing together world leaders from government, academia and the private sector will culminate in new international commitments to sustainable urbanization. At the close of the Habitat III conference, UN member states will approve the New Urban Agenda, a 20-­year road map for ending poverty, mitigating climate change and improving living conditions for the 4 billion people living in the world’s cities.

Next City’s site­-specific gallery and performance space will be a platform for public engagement, education and dialogue. Artists from Shanghai, Lagos, Stockholm, Cairo, New Orleans and Melbourne are invited to submit visual arts projects that address Resilience + Mobility, Opportunity + Equality and Public Life + Design in their respective cities. Artists from Surabaya and Quito are invited to submit performance art that could be presented in the host city during a series of evening events.

Artists will receive a stipend to create work and travel expenses to attend one of the two conferences and represent their work on Next City’s global stage.

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Deadline: 1 April

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