Social Protection / Taxation

Some On the Move's member-organisations or 'On the Move's mobility info points' may help you for questions related to social protection, taxation, work contracts etc.  in the countries below:

Cultuurloket – Belgium

MobiCulture  – France

Touring Artists (hosted by IGBK and ITI) – Germany

DutchCulture / TransArtists  – The Netherlands

Wales Arts International – Wales /UK

Polo Cultural Gaivotas | Boavista  – Portugal

Arts and Theatre Institute - Czech Republic

Theatre Info Finland – Finland


Check the series of very useful international cookbooks on taxation, VAT, social protection, copyright etc. (within the RISE project by the European Festivals Association (EFA) in partnership with Pearle*-Live Performance Europe)

The CLEISS centre in France can be a relevant source for social protection international agreements/regulations.

Your Europe Advice by ECAS-European Citizen Action Service may help you as well with legal advisers in EU/European countries.

The Life off-stage. Survival guide for creative arts professionals (by IETM, UNI MEI and FIA) can also provide you with useful advice. 

You can also refer to the EENC report on the question, co-written by On the Move and PEARLE* in 2014.

For Austria, you can also check the mobility website of SMART: SmartAtMobility 


Should you wish to add some resources and information contact-points to the resources' part of the report, please email us at mobility(at)