Questions about Europe? Call Europe Direct

I'm moving abroad in Europe – how do I get a residence permit? What are the rules on roaming charges? My flight's been cancelled - what are my rights? What EU grants can my organisation apply for? For the answers to all these questions and more, contact Europe Direct central information service.

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Country profile of cultural policy in Russian Federation (from Compendium)

Looking for information on how the cultural scene is funded and managed in the Russian Federation? Compendium contains a useful country profile as well as profiles for 41 other countries.

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Introduction to Theatre in Central Asia & Afghanistan: 2nd edition (2007)

An introduction to theatre today in Central Asia and Afghanistan is a downloadable publication written by Simon Tordjman for IETM.

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Theatre information gateway for Russia - online resource since 2007

The bilingual resource is designed for both Russian and International theatre professionals, and is to provide information on Theatre Festivals in Russia; News, Announcements, and General Coverage of Russian Theatre Life; International Cultural Cooperation Programs including Events and Festivals, Networking and Funding, relevant Publications.

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Centrul National al Dansului - National Centre of Dance (CNDB), Romania

National Centre of Dance in Bucharest, developing national and international programmes for dance in Romania

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Artists' mobility stories - read, watch and be inspired!

OTM is delighted to present specially commissioned digital portraits of artists in Europe who work internationally. The artists reflect on why being mobile is so important to them professionally and creatively and present their work online.

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'Europeans on the move', new book published by European Commission - UPDATE

The European Commission has published a new book with portraits of 31 mobile workers, as part of the European Year of Workers' Mobility 2006. Three of the portraits are of mobile performing arts professionals.

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KadmusArts: website for festivals worldwide

KadmusArts is daily online destination about dance, theatre, and music festivals throughout the world: kadmusarts.com

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International Touring - tips and strategies: a paper from Stan's Cafe

James Yarker, director of Stan's Cafe, a theatre company based in Birmingham, UK, presents tips, strategies and artistic perspectives on International Touring. Read this paper for sound practical advice and inspiration.

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Performing Arts Network Japan

Performing Arts Network Japan is a Website dedicated to disseminating information about the stimulating and highly diverse Japanese performing arts scene. And, with an eye to the international performing arts scene, each month they also introduce presenters who are presently active on the international stage. 

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