Three studies on cultural industries conducted by the ACP Cultures + programme

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- Study on the artistic, economic and social impacts of 6 ACP festivals on ACP cultural industries, conducted by Catherine Buresi

This report presents the study of the artistic, economic and social impact of 6 Festivals: African Performing Arts Market - MASA (Côte d'Ivoire), Festival Africa Festival (Senegal), supported by ACPCultures +, Festival Ile Courts (Mauritius), supported by ACPCultures +, Festival of Pacific Arts (Solomon Islands), Durban International Film Festival (South Africa), Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival, supported by ACPCultures +

The study contains an analysis of the social and economic, professional, cultural and artistic benefits of these festivals from their contribution in terms of promoting cultural diversity, marketing and circulation of works, networking professionals, and an analysis of The financial stability of festivals. The report includes recommendations to enhance the impact of these festivals.

- Study on the economic and artistic challenges and benefits of online diffusion and distribution of ACP cultural content, conducted by Destiny Tchehouali

This study analyzes existing monetization processes for online diffusion and distribution of ACP cultural content and their economic and artistic impact on the ACP sectors of music, literature, design, fashion, visual arts, photography, audiovisual and cinema.

It aims to identify the modalities, strengths, weaknesses and stakes of this type of dissemination and distribution of content and analyze the economic and artistic spin-offs for professionals in the ACP culture.

The study first determines the stakes of the major numerical transformations on the modes of diffusion, continues on an inventory of the diffusion and on-line distribution of the ACP cultural contents, before concluding on the main lessons brought by the mapping of online platforms and the various recommendations of the study addressed to donors, ACP States and cultural professionals.

- Study on alternative and innovative funding mechanisms for ACP Cultural industries, conducted by Keith Nurse

In order to stimulate and strengthen the development and implementation of alternative and innovative funding mechanisms in ACP countries, the study aims to define and identify general trends characterising the alternative and innovative private and public funding mechanisms and measures in the ACP cultural sector, existing as well as those that might be implemented by providing concrete examples of easily transferable practices and policies implemented in the ACP States and internationally.

The funding mechanisms covered by the study fall within the private sector (institutional, individual, collective and entrepreneurial) and the public sector (policies and mechanisms in the fields of culture, trade and tax). The study will analyze the issues and challenges of access to funding by ACP cultural and creative sectors. It also aims to formulate recommendations to ACP and Western policymakers, partners and investors, useful in the formulation of the cultural sector support strategies.

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