Framing the Discourse, Advancing the Work Philanthropy at the Nexus of Peace and Social Justice and Arts and Culture

The report “Framing the Discourse, Advancing the Work: Philanthropy at the Nexus of Peace and Social Justice and Arts and Culture” is authored by Moukhtar Kocache. A valuable tool that is able to stimulate further reflection and exchange of lessons and opportunities for inculcating practices in philanthropy for supporting arts and culture work for its invaluable influence on the advancement of social justice and peace. 

The report includes six sections; while the first presents a brief review of socially engaged art and its function and the second looks at the growing recent convergence between the two sectors and the third provides a number of examples where arts and social change are successfully brought together. A ‘taxonomy’ of arts and culture is listed throughout the fourth section to allow funders and social change organizations to locate themselves and see where mutual interest might lie. Following, the fifth section highlights the challenges involved and the obstacles to a closer relationship between the two sectors and finally the author draws out a number of recommendations for developing a fuller relationship which might help to realize the potential of greater collaboration between the two.

Find the report online as well as an article by Hania Aswad (Executive Director of the Naseej Foundation – MENA Region).