Results of the public consultation by the European Commission: Improving procedures for obtaining short-stay ‘Schengen’ visas

The consultation (From 25 March to 17 June 2013) was addressed to the broadest public possible, with a view to collecting views and input from all stakeholders: individuals, interest groups, advocacy groups and professional organisations.

The aim of the consultation was to collect opinions on how to have more effective rules on family reunification at EU level and to provide factual information and data on the application of the Directive.

The consultation was divided into two parts: individuals were asked to reply to a questionnaire covering different aspects of the visa application procedure. Organisations were invited to send written contributions on the issues covered in the questionnaire or on any other issues linked to the implementation of the Visa Code.

The document highlights some key issues and problems faced by individuals and professionals when applying for short-stay 'Schengen visas' such as the length of procedures, the lack of available accurate information, the difficulty of identifying the competent consulate, the variable cost of visas etc., issues which can also be faced by the arts and cultural sector.

The last part of the report of the results of the consultation (pages 12-13) highlight the contributions by the advocacy groups and professional organisations, such as those from the arts and cultural sector. Among the respondents, were On the Move, the Roberto Cimetta Fund, IETM, Zone Franche, the ARTerial network, the European Cultural Foundation etc.

To highlight one of the results  from the arts and cultural sector, "Representatives of the artists/culture sector often state that the restrictions on length of stay (90/180 days) frequently cause problems in relation to artists’ commitments connected with tours. For touring artists also the rules on the competent Member State often create problems because the different Member States of destination of the same tour decline being competent".

Read the report of the conclusions of the EC public consultation online (you can also check the different arts and cultural organisations which have responded to this consultation)

You can also refer to On the Move's advocacy action related to artists' mobility and Schengen visas.

Other ressource: More Europe - Marseille Debate (July 2013) with a special session on artists' mobility and visas.