The cultural component of citizenship - An inventory of challenges

Europe cannot be a mere political framework for the convenience of governments. It must be made clear that the purpose of European integration is primarily to enhance the quality of life for its citizens. The active involvement of citizens is unthinkable without participation that is taken seriously. A Citizens’ Europe implies participation beyond the dry confines of bureaucratic regulation and job creation programmes. It involves all the activities necessary for real social justice and dialogue. It requires the political structures to provide citizens with the mobility, freedom and resources to make the most of the opportunities of our time.

We must ask ourselves, why is European citizenship not a topic of discussion in our cafes, schools, parks, museums, the places of everyday life? And the next question then is: what is the role of culture in the political integration process in Europe and what is cultural citizenship exactly? This compilation of articles is an attempt to start answering these questions.

This publication has been coordinated and produced by the Access to Culture Platform and its working group on Audience Participation, the European Academy of Yuste Foundation, the European House of Culture, the Felix Merits Foundation, and the European Festivals Association.

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