European Festival Association books on festivals and cultural networks

The European Festival Association (EFA) stimulates researches on festivals, e.g. through the EFA BOOKS Series. Bit by bit, EFA develops into a Festival Resource, Research and Expertise Centre.

EFA BOOKS puts in the spotlight the role of the arts, culture and festivals in the society of today and highlights contemporary challenges. It contributes to and stimulates further discussion on cultural issues and it involves festivals in the international debate with politicians and cultural operators.

So far, EFA has published four editions:

  • Still so much to be done. Challenges for Culture in Europe (12/2006). The authors of this anthology study the notion of culture from a historical, philosophical, political, cultural and sometimes very personal perspective. 
  • Give, Get or Get Off. Challenges of cultural networks today” (03/2008), presents the outcomes of the conference ‘Cultural Networks at Work’ and offers some general conclusions, a series of presentations but also personal statements about cultural networks and their challenges and opportunities for networking in the cultural sector.
  • Cahier de l’Atelier. Arts festivals for the sake of art? (10/2008), is an invaluable reference book about arts festivals, full of vivid personal anecdotes, thoughtful insights and inspirational, daring visions.
  • Dialogue. Festivals Act for an Intercultural Society (11/2009) casts the immense potential of festivals to enable DIALOGUE in societies, to move borders and remove barriers.

Note: not for free. The books can be purchased from the EFA.