The use of structural funds in Cultural projects

EU policies are moving towards a comprehensive understanding of culture as a tool contributing to urban regeneration, attractiveness, entrepreneurship, innovation, jobs and sustainability. Cities and regions are going through the same path. Unfortunately, the new Cohesion Policy proposal for 2014-2020 only partially captures the pervasiveness of cultural investment.

Commissioned by the European Parliament, the study on “The use of Structural Funds for Cultural Projects” analyses the use of Structural Funds (SFs) in the period 2007-2013 and shows the importance of Structural Funds (SFs) in European cities, regions and countries developing their economy and improving their social fabric through culture. It highlights the breadth of the impact of cultural investment ranging from urban regeneration, social cohesion, jobs and entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation, heritage preservation, education and tourism.

The report is available in English, German and French on the website of the European Parliament.

It is available in English on: www.keanet.eu/en/pastass.html

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