Report on the state of theatre and dance in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, EEPAP, 2011

The report by EEPAP aims to gather information about the state of theatre and dance in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. This publication is a first stage of a research project planned for several years, whose aim it is to try to map out the directions for development of theatre and dance in Central and Eastern Europe.

It provides a set of comparable reports on the situation of theatre and dance in Eastern Europe. Eighteen national reports have been prepared, forming a basis for a single general report: Armenia, The Republic of Azerbaijan, Republic of Belarus, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Georgia, Hungary, Kosovo, Republic of Macedonia, Republic of Moldova, Romania, Republic of Serbia, Slovakia, Republic of Slovenia, Ukraine.

"The report describes the situation in dance and theatre after they have undergone a change in their relation to the society and to the authorities. Due to the large amount of material, [EEPAP] decided to focus the report on the organization of dance and theatre in the light of the transformation of the political system in the countries covered by the report. Therefore [the] research pertains to the turn of the 1990s and the last two decades." Pawel Ploski, author of the overview of reports from EEPAP countries. Read his presentation of the publication on EEPAP website.

About the Eastern European Performing Arts Platform:

EEPAP is an international exchange instrument for artists and curators functioning within the performing arts sphere (mainly dance and theatre) from Central and East Europe. Lack of knowledge about each other, lack of possibilities, bureaucracy and eurocentrism are the main complaints brought by artists from this region that unite them within a joint initiative.

The platform is to offer new possibilities of cooperation between young specialists of the region and to facilitate contact between them as well as the chances for instigating international projects. It operates in three principal spheres: information, education, and co-production, with a special focus on the Eastern Partnership countries (Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Ukraine, & Belarus).

Download the report on EEPAP website.

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