Audience-building and the future ‘Creative Europe’ Programme, a report by EENC, January 2012

In the context of the preparations for the future Creative Europe Programme, the European Expert Network on Culture (EENC) was asked to prepare a report exploring the role of audience building, which could become one requirement for grant applicants within ‘Creative Europe’ and may also be one field in which the exchange of good practices across Europe could be fostered.

This document aims to present relevant trends and examples in different cultural sectors, provide recommendations to European institutions on how to foster audience building on a European level on how to foster audience building on  a European level, particularly in the context of the European Commission’s future Creative Europe Programme, and identify gaps in existing information. The study has involved the analysis of 28 case studies from 12 different member states, representing a diverse sample of approaches, organisations, degree of formalisation, geographic locations and target publics, among others.

The report was prepared between October 2011 and January 2012 by Anne Bamford and Michael Wimmer, with research support provided by Péter Inkei, János Zoltán Szabó, Nina Vestby and Jordi Baltà.

Download the report here.