Exit Europe – New Geographies of Culture, by Clubture Network, 2011

Exit Europe – New Geographies of Culture is a book that places the activities of the independent cultural scene in the region of the former Yugoslavia within the broader cultural and social context. The publication comprises in-depth articles about the independent cultural scenes in five different countries (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia and Slovenia) as well as a broad overview of the development of regional cultural cooperation among independent organizations.

The publication also contains the position paper offering a series of recommendations for the introduction of specific cultural policy measures aimed at various institutions, starting with the local cultural administration and continuing on to the European Union level, that was presented in October 2010 in the frame of “The Time is Now” conference in Brussels. .

The book Exit Europe – New Geographies of Culture is the result of a two-year-long process entitled “Exit Europe”, during which the Clubture Network worked closely with many partners in order to connect independent cultural organizations from the region with those operating within the European Union.

The publication can be read online and downloaded in pdf format at the following link: http://exiteurope.net (English version) or at http://exiteurope.net/hr/ (Croatian, Macedonian, Slovenian and Serbo-Croatian versions).