Manifesto on the status of the artist, by the FIA and FIM (2009)

This Manifesto on the Status of the Artist is the outcome of cooperation between the International Federation of Actors (FIA) and the International Federation of Musicians (FIM). A joint working group drawn from the membership of the two federations has been coming together on this issue in order to share experience and concerns.

The decision was taken to produce a joint document bringing together the main problems in relation to the status of the artist identified by the membership of the two federations and the chief political demands for action to address some of the most difficult and intractable issues.

The resulting two-page manifesto is available for download in 10 languages on the FIA website. It is a brief document offering a short but comprehensive overview of the problems experienced by artists and the key actions needed. The document is intended to be short but hard-hitting, with the weight and experience of the two federations behind it.