ON-AiR: Reflecting on the mobility of artists in Europe

After a two year collaboration the ON-AiR partners present: ON-AiR: Reflecting on the mobility of artists in Europe.

With this publication the partners of the ON-AiR project aim to take you on a ‘journey’, reflecting on the current state of mobility in which the artists in Europe operate and their art flourishes. It also includes a summary of the results and outcomes of the ON-AiR project.

An Editorial Team consisting of 18 mobility experts from the different regions of Europe, all working as partners in ON-AiR, proposed 10 topics or thoughts for a more in-depth approach. Ten essays by authors from across Europe are the result. The content and format of the essays differ enormously: varying from a letter written to a resident artist, to an examination of the much-discussed ‘brain drain’ phenomenon in Eastern Europe, to drawings from a pirate rabbit reflecting on mobility.

This publication does not intend to solve problems, nor does it offer a complete overview of them. It is meant to share issues we experienced during the project with others operating in the field of artist mobility.

Find out more (and order the book) on http://www.on-air-mobility.org/toolkit-2/on-air-book/  and http://www.on-air-mobility.org/book-launch/