Recommendations for the mobility and circulation of artists and works, European Platform on the potential of Cultural and Creative Industries, 2011

The European platform on the potential of Cultural and Creative Industries, created in 2008 in the context of the EU Structured dialogue with civil society, is a group of more than 40 organisations representing a  wide range of cultural and creative sectors. On the Move is one of its members. Through policy recommendations and public advocacy, the Platform aims to highlight the fundamental role of cultural and creative industries in Europe and unlock their full potential.  

Following the release of a first set of recommendations in September 2009, the Platform has launched in 2011 a series of policy workshops. These events are designed to open up spaces of dialogue and exchange between public decision makers and sectoral operators, but also to identify practical solutions to key issues relating to culture and creation.

In the document 2011 Workshops and Recommendations, you will find the reports and the recommendations of all 5 workshops which took place in 2011: 

  • How to enhance the support of the EU Structural Funds to the CCIs, 
  • Mobility and circulation of artists and works, 
  • Education, skills and professional training, 
  • Digital distribution and promotion and 
  • Encouraging Investment in Cultural and Creative Content.

Download the 2011 Workshops and Recommendations report here (pdf).


The recommendations for the mobility and circulation of artists and works have been published separately by Pearle.

You can download them as a Word document here (doc).