Report of the Symposium exploring mobility in the Arab world and around the Mediterranean, June 2011, Arab Education Forum

A Mediterranean city par excellence, Jordan hosted on the 1st and 2nd of June 2011 the first symposium “exploring mobility around the Mediterranean“, organized by the Arab Education Forum – Safar Fund and Roberto Cimetta Fund. This Symposium, which is a cornerstone in the Istikshaf project, aims to expand on and develop a renewed understanding of contemporary mobility by bringing together people able to think mobility in its widest sense. With a special focus on artistic mobility, this Symposium is an attempt to respond to the evident shortage in literature on mobility as a tool for learning, dialogue, and artistic exchange and as a new-old paradigm around the Mediterranean basin. 

Read the report of the symposium in the Safar Fund July's newsletter and learn why it didn't take place in Alexandria in February 2011!


Watch a short reportage on the symposium:


Copies of the Symposium booklet "Exploring mobility around the Mediterranean" are available in English, Arabic and French. You can download them on the Safar Fund website.