Final Report of OTM Meeting of EU Mobility Projects, Budapest 19-20 May

This report gathers background information and minutes of the meeting of EU mobility projects that took place in 19-20 May in Budapest, Hungary, organised by On the Move.  

OTM sees mobility projects as a kind of laboratory where organisational and policy models as well as supportive tools are being tested. Therefore we strongly believe it is crucial to make them visible to the whole sector stakeholders, from policy makers to grassroots organisations.

From the report OTM highlights:

- The minutes of the meeting sum up the discussions and present lessons learnt and recommendations as well as a list of projects and intentions for the future. The minutes are structured around the following themes:

  • Promoting mobility in an uncertain political and financial scenario
  • Designing EU mobility policies that fit small-scale operators
  • “Making artists players not customers of mobility”
  • Building up trust and synergies across borders within the sector and beyond


-The dossier containing 16 selected EU mobility projects that gives account of the immense diversity of initiatives put forward for the benefit of many artists and cultural professionals proving the need for these projects to be continued and explored further.

OTM would like to thank all participants and sincerely hopes we will all keep on moving and piloting ahead for the sake of a vibrant European shared cultural space!


Download the report