Conclusion paper of the Pearle/Practics seminar "Copyright in the live performance sector", held on 15 June 2011, Brussels, Belgium

The conclusions of the seminar "Copyright in the live performance sector in the context of mobility – from physical to virtual mobility" are now available. Download the conclusions here.

The seminar was organized by Pearle, the European trade federation for the live performance, in the framework of the European project on culture mobility “Practics”. It was held on 15 June 2011 in Brussels.  

Artists and the performing arts sector have to be highly mobile in order to give European citizens access to culture. However, there are barriers to mobility in Europe such as 27 different copyright legislation and burdensome licensing mechanisms.  

In the light of Commissioner Michel Barnier’s new European IPR reform, Pearle* aimed at discussing the impact of cross-border related copyright obstacles on mobility in the live performance sector.  

The seminar’s first panel on touring brought up problems encountered when presenting a live performance production abroad. On the second panel on virtual mobility challenges for live performances in the digital age and clearing processes for online services were discussed. In both discussions, new proposals, ideas and solutions ‘made in Europe’ were suggested, the live performance sector could benefit from.  

On the Pearle website, you can find more information about the seminar and several presentations. A full report will be available in the near future.