Update on Modernised EU Social Security Coordination

The conference, which took place on 28-29 April 2011, marked the first anniversary of the new regulations modernising the coordination of social security systems in the EU, applied 1 May 2010.

Commissioner László Andor, responsible for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, took part in the opening round table. Together with Mr. Mario Monti, economist and former Commissioner, Mr. Miklós Réthelyi, Hungarian Minister for National Resources, Mr. Csaba ┼Éry, Hungarian Member of the European Parliament, and Mr. Hans Niessen, Director of the Meuse-Rhine Euroregion, he put social security coordination in the wider perspective of the right to free movement within the EU.

The conference also included a first evaluation of the impact of the modernised rules, primarily through the experiences of the institutions applying them, but also through those of the social partners and other organisations representing the end-users: citizens and businesses. The closing session adressed the challenges for the future and how to build on the knowledge shared during the conference.

Find here the conference report.

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