"East/West : Distorting mirrors" - Team Network's 2010 Yearbook

The second Yearbook released by Team Network is entitled "East/West : Distorting mirrors". It provides insight into the political and artistic aspects between East and West with five portfolios and a series of texts in their original language (Portuguese, French, Italian, Polish) along with an English translation.

After envisioning new interactions between the fields of visual arts and contemporary dance last year, Team Network’s “Yearbook 2010” took on the theme of relations between Eastern and Western Europe as seen in an aesthetic and cultural light.

Beyond immediately commemorative current events and far from either idealism or imperialism, this question (or rather this web of questions) is certainly the one that most actively puts into play this diversity of perspectives that serves as the raison d’être of this network of European revues, initiated by Mouvement.

“East/West : Distorting Mirrors”: the play on words refers to the constellation of viewpoints and the dynamics at work throughout these 110 pages (publications in their original language with English translation) of analysis, reporting, interviews, profiles, portfolios…

The publication also addresses the issue of mobility (touring, Trans-artists and Cis-artists,...).

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