Music in Motion - publication by the European Music Council

A comparative research study on music traditions present in today’s multicultural Europe - it provides musicological data and is prefaced by a description of the ExTra! Exchange Traditions project.

{i="Growing urbanisation has given us an inevitably and necessarily culturally diverse population and with it, a culturally diverse musical life. Interactions among a culturally diverse population constitute some of the most complex and challenging kinds of social dynamics that make cities not only highly promising environments for creating, performing, using and marketing music."}

Adelaida Reyes in Music in Motion.

Diverse musical cultures of migrant and minority communities have existed in Europe for centuries and shaped its countries significantly. As part of an EU-funded project this volume deals with the musical activities of minorities and their impact on musical traditions in Europe. It also raises questions such as:

  • How are musical traditions of minorities integrated in education and the public music life? 
  • Can music facilitate transcultural dialogue? 
  • And to what extent do musical practice and performance reassert the own cultural tradition in a foreign environment? 

Answers to those and similar questions as well as a review on what can be observed in the 21st century Europe are gathered in various thematic approaches. The book also provides model projects with a practical insight into the life and work with music of migrant and minority cultures across Europe.

The research study identifies music traditions that form a part of the day-to-day life of European citizens and of the minority and migrant cultures present in the EU, EFTA and accession countries. Influences from other parts of the world are included in the study. In order to develop a sustainable concept for the publication the steering group of the project launched a scientific committee to consult the project with the theoretical background, composition and authors for the publication.

The publication is entitled Music in Motion. Diversity and Dialogue in Europe (2009).

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