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On-the-Move has updated its popular publications. These are available as free downloads. They will be translated into Spanish and published in 2009 thanks to our funding partner Fundacion Autor/SGAE in Spain.

IETM and On-the-Move commissioned a number of publications in 2004 of interest to artists and cultural operators in the performing arts in Europe who work or want to work internationally. Since they were published, these have been downloaded over 180.000 times. They are much appreciated as practical sources of information that summarise in a user-friendly way technical and other information that cannot easily be found elsewhere.

All the reports below have been updated in terms of content and links. The Tax and Social Security document, which is the most popular download, has been substantially expanded and re-written.

The updating work was carried out with funding from Fundacion Autor/SGAE in Spain. They will publish Spanish translations of these and some other relevant OTM/IETM mobility information in 2008.

All documents available as FREE DOWNLOADS. You can also consult the Publications section for other documents and reports related to international mobility.

Global Roaming
This short guide to global mobility is written by Judith Staines for artists and cultural operators. It describes professional mobility, travel to and work in places beyond Europe with links to funders and other resources.
Published May 2004. 2nd Edition August 2007.
Download the guide: Global Roaming
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International Co-production & Touring
IETM invited Guy Cools, independent producer, to write a document on the dos and don'ts of co-production and touring in Europe. Guy Cools invited six other experienced co-producers to comment on his article.
Published April 2004. 2nd Edition August 2007.
Download the document: International co-production & touring
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Tax and Social Security - a basic guide for artists and cultural operators in Europe
This guide has been prepared by Judith Staines to help artists and arts professionals understand better the main issues that affect how and what they are paid when they work abroad in Europe. It explains in user-friendly language the special taxes that apply to performing artists and gives case studies and examples for many European countries.
Published April 2004. 2nd Edition: August 2007
Download the guide: Tax and Social Security
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From Pillar to Post - a comparative review of the frameworks for independent workers in the contemporary performing arts in Europe
In November 2004 IETM published FROM PILLAR TO POST, a study of the employment situation of independent artists and cultural operators in the contemporary performing arts in Europe. The report by Judith Staines surveys IETM network members and reports on the legal, fiscal and social statutes for self employed artists and cultural operators. There are profiles for twenty-five countries and an overview of employment trends and issues for self employed and intermittent workers.

The number of independent (self-employed and freelance) workers in the contemporary performing arts sector is increasing in almost every European country surveyed. In most of these countries, self employed workers have a reduced level of social protection (social security insurance cover) and reduced protection under employment legislation.

"... the contemporary performing arts sector in Europe is underpinned by independents working under employment frameworks which, as can be seen in this study, incorporate elements of precariousness, insecurity and lack of sustainability".
[Executive Summary, From Pillar to Post]
Published November 2004. Links updated: August 2007
Download the report: From Pillar to Post
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