Culturemondo Survey on Cultural Portals

Culturemondo published a survey of cultural portals.

The Place of Cultural Portals in the context of converging digital culture' conducted and analysed by Aleksandra Uzelac from Culturelink (Croatia). The survey was carried out over the summer of 2009 and key finds have been incorporated into the report above. This survey looks at the working realities of portals around the globe: Their funding, their structure and their development and potential directions for future growth.

Read the report here.


Culturemondo is an informal and open network of international digital cultural specialists who work together to facilitate strategic and relevant knowledge exchange. It aims to engage, empower and inform digital cultural specialists, no matter where they are from, to become effective facilitators in their own neighbourhood.

Since 2005 Culturemondo has been meeting each year in different countries to discuss trends and good practice.