EU study on 'European information systems to support the mobility of artists and cultural workers'

The feasibility study on European information systems supporting the mobility of artists and cultural workers was published in April 2009.

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Mobility Matters - Programmes and Schemes to Support the Mobility of Artists and Cultural Professionals

The ERICarts Institute carried out a six month study for the European Commission between April and October 2008 on mobility incentives in the culture/creative sector. The final study was published in November 2008.

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OTM 'Excited Atoms' exploration of virtual mobility in performing arts

In 2010, OTM has launched "Excited Atoms" an exploration of virtual mobility in the contemporary performing arts. The study looks at what virtual mobility means, and gives an overview of the different ways in which artists use new technologies – and thus being also more ‘green’. The Excited Atoms study was funded by OTM member Fundacion Autor, and presents some of the most critical issues and motivations for artists, cultural producers and promoters to collaborate, share, make, question, present and innovate using virtual mobility.

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Recommendations on Culture Mobility from the 4 Arts Mobility Pilot Projects

Recommendations on Culture Mobility from the 4 Arts Mobility Pilot Projects Changing Room, e.Mobility, Practics and Space have been published and handed over to the Expert Group on artists' mobility set up under the EU's Open Method of Coordination (OMC). (version française dans l'article)

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Culturemondo Survey on Cultural Portals

Culturemondo published a survey of cultural portals.

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Culture|Futures - an ecological age by 2050

Culture|Futures is an expanding positive spiral of engagement of cultural actors around the world who are moved to engage their work and creativity to sustain human and all life.

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PRACTICS: seminar report on social security and taxation in context of mobility, 10 November 2009

The report of the seminar of 10 November 2009, organised by Pearle* in the framework of the Practics pilot project on mobility, is now available.

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"East/West : Distorting mirrors" - Team Network's 2010 Yearbook

The second Yearbook released by Team Network is entitled "East/West : Distorting mirrors". It provides insight into the political and artistic aspects between East and West with five portfolios and a series of texts in their original language (Portuguese, French, Italian, Polish) along with an English translation.

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Cultural Diplomacy - Interarts' resource list

In the framework of preparations for the international seminar 'Cultural Diplomacy: a Perspective from Catalonia', which took place in Barcelona on 2-4 December 2009, a series of documents related to this topic was collected.

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Impediments to Mobility in the EU Live Performance Sector and Possible Solutions

This study was carried out during the European Year of Workers’ Mobility 2006 and is part of a wider project on mobility in the European Union’s live performance sector, called Mobile.Home, which was initiated by several European organisations active in the live performance sector in Europe (Finnish Theatre Information Centre, Pearle*, On-the-Move, IETM, Goethe-Institut, Visiting Arts & associated partners)

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OTM updated publications: DOWNLOAD now!

On-the-Move has updated its popular publications. These are available as free downloads. They will be translated into Spanish and published in 2009 thanks to our funding partner Fundacion Autor/SGAE in Spain.

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The Lisbon Treaty: what's new for the Arts and Culture in Europe?

Culture Action Europe presents a useful briefing for arts and cultural organisations in Europe: 'The Lisbon Treaty, does it matter to arts and culture in Europe?'

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Dancers Keep Moving - report

Research report on the international careers and transition measures available for professional dancers.

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Brussels Declaration by Artists and Cultural Professionals and Entrepreneurs

We, artists, professionals and culture entrepreneurs, from the countries of Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific and European Union member States, met in Brussels from 1 to 3 April 2009 at the invitation of the Council of the ACP Group and the European Commission.

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Towards an African Fund for Arts and Culture: research report by Arterial Network

This feasibility study was commissioned by the Arterial Network after a realisation of the need for an accessible, independent and efficient fund to promote African Creativity and its regional and International distribution.

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Music in Motion - publication by the European Music Council

A comparative research study on music traditions present in today’s multicultural Europe - it provides musicological data and is prefaced by a description of the ExTra! Exchange Traditions project.

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Digital Culture: The Changing Dynamics - downloadable Culturelink publication

publication to download for free from Culturelink on the impact of information and communication technologies on culture and the changes that in the context of the information era affect established cultural practices and concepts

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Visas - the discordant note: paper by Freemuse, ECA & ELMF on visa issues and artists mobility

Launch of White paper ‘Visas – the discordant note’ on visa issues, Europe and artists mobility. “European countries need to actively make visa and work permit procedures and access to the European market more flexible, transparent and homogenous for artists,” said Freemuse programme manager Ole Reitov today as he launched a white paper on visa issues at Womex, the world music expo in Sevilla, Spain.

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Dialogue - Festivals Act for a Intercultural Society. A publication by EFA (2009)

In the follow-up of the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue, EFA BOOKS 4 “Dialogue. Festivals Act for an Intercultural Society” casts the immense potential of festivals to enable DIALOGUE in societies, to move borders and remove barriers.

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IFACCA Artists' Mobility Programs report

IFACCA is delighted to release its research report on artists' international mobility programs. Researched and written by UK-based consultant, Judith Staines, with input from IETM, IFACCA and 25 respondents covering every continent, the 35-page report documents the many types of artists' mobility initiatives implemented around the world. (version française dans l'article)

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