Report on the state of theatre and dance in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, EEPAP, 2011

This publication provides a set of comparable reports on the situation of theatre and dance in Eastern Europe, with a special focus on the Eastern Partnership countries (Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Ukraine, & Belarus), aiming at better understanding among and improved cooperation between the cultural operators of these regions and beyond.

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Circus and Street Arts: Encouraging European Cooperation Projects, Circostrada, 2012 edition

Circostrada Network has updated the guide "Circus and Street Arts: Encouraging European Cooperation Projects".

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Culture as a factor for economic and social innovation

Having gathered seven partners in the Med space, the Sostenuto project aimed to open reflections on social and economic innovation in the Med zone. It enabled the experimentation, modelling and diffusion of new management and organisation models within the cultural sector. Two final publications are now available for free download: Culture as a factor for economic and social innovation and Culture & Innovation(s), Europe seen from the South.

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Information Standards for the Mobility of Artists and Cultural Professionals - Dec. 2011

As foreseen in the Work Plan for Culture 2011-2014, the European Commission set up in May 2011 an EU expert group on mobility information standards to develop common content and quality standards for information and advice relating to the mobility of artists and cultural professionals. The group included On the Move, and worked out a document entitled "information standards for the mobility of artists and cultural professionals" which offers policy makers in the EU Members States with practical guidance for setting up information services in their countries.

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IN TRANSIT. A study on international law and the mobility of artists, art works, cultural goods and services

The aim of the IN TRANSIT study is to provide an overview of the main international legal instruments which impact on the mobility of artists, art works, cultural goods and services. Case studies of bilateral and multilateral legal agreements give practical insight into how legal instruments are used by countries across the world to enhance cross- border mobility. The study was commissioned by the UNESCO to Richard Poláček & Judith Staines and is now available in English and French.

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Exploratory mapping of intermediary organisations supporting performing arts circulation in Europe

The SPACE network invested on the improvement of the sector's intermediaries capacity building in view of fruitful and sustainable mobility. This exploratory mapping is meant to initiate a reflection on the sector's organisational models and dynamics. The research was conducted by Cristina Farinha in 2011.

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Report of the Symposium exploring mobility in the Arab world and around the Mediterranean, June 2011, Arab Education Forum

Report of the Istikshaf symposium on mobility in the Arab world and around the Mediterranean

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Mobility Infopoint Mapping Finland, Practics mobility pilot project

Finland. Tinfo - the Finnish Theatre Information Center, partner to the EU mobility pilot project Practics, carried out a mapping of the Mobility Information services in Finland.

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UK International Artists’ Mobility Lab reader and final recommendations now available

Organised in May 2011 by ISIS in collaboration with Turning Point North East, the national network for the visual arts, the Lab primer and final recommendation, both authored by Judith Staines, have been made available. This Lab was organised in a moment that mobility and especially visas are becoming an increasingly important issue for artists and arts organisations in the UK wishing to bring in artists from outside Europe.

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Final Report of OTM Meeting of EU Mobility Projects, Budapest 19-20 May

This report gathers background information and minutes of the meeting of EU mobility projects that took place in 19-20 May in Budapest, Hungary, organised by On the Move.

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The Art of Difference : From Europe as a cultural project to EU policies for culture, by Gottfried Wagner (2011)

Gottfried Wagner, former Director of the European Cultural Foundation, has written a new publication looking at Europe as a cultural project and the development of EU policies for culture. Available in pdf - free download.

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Dossier on Art and Communication in the Mediterranean, Quaderns de la Mediterrania #15, IEMed

The first article of this dossier is devoted to mobility in the Mediterranean: A Dynamic Mediterranean: Creative Networks, Representation, Mobility.

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Culture and Online Information

The Reader for a conference held in Nantes, June 23-24 2005, on the theme of cultural information providers and potential for using new technologies as explored by 'digital pioneers'. Information on workshops, essays and extensive bibliography. IN ENGLISH AND FRENCH.

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Report on support for international arts activity - issues for national arts funding agencies, IFACCA, March 2011

D’Art Report No. 40 describes the agencies involved in supporting international arts activities, the scope of and budgets for this support, and the range of policy objectives, priorities and evaluation processes evident in the research. Version française dans l'article

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Artists Moving & Learning European comparative report: "Artists’ mobility should be understood as an investment in human capital"

Artists moving and learning - the research project that analysed artistic mobility in Europe from an educational and lifelong learning perspective has just been released. Now you can read the European comparative study as well as the ten National reports.

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OTM co-signs the mobility pilot projects recommendations to the new EU Culture Programme

On the Move has endorsed and contributed to the common position of the mobility pilot projects on the new EU Culture programme. This joint paper was oficially presented to the European Commission at the Stakeholder Consultation Meeting that took place in Brussels on the 16th February.

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Towards a Strategy for culture in the Mediterranean Region: the importance of mobility highlighted

With the objective to draft a demand driven strategy responding to the needs of the cultural field in partner countries, the European Commission has requested a report to Fanny Bouquerel and Basma El Husseiny to identify strategic areas for both the public authorities and the civil society. Mobility is considered a key issue.

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The Mobility of Stage and Musical Arts Performers and Productions throughout the EU

This report sums up the discussions that took place in Madrid this May between the department heads and professionals in charge of music and the performing arts from the Ministries of Culture in the European Union Member States wihtin the agenda of the Spanish Presidency of the EU.

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Virtual mobility: a contribution to artistic innovations, participatory approach and new angle of policy making: an interview with Judith Staines

On-the-Move has launched last April "Excited Atoms" an exploration of virtual mobility in the contemporary performing arts. The author, Judith Staines, in an interview to Lidia Varbanova from the Labforculture.org describes the main challenges raised by the virtual mobility world to artists and policy makers.

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