Made in the Med - publication on cultural mobility from Roberto Cimetta Fund

Made in the Med: The Challenges of Artistic Exchange in the Mediterranean, a publication on mobility in the Mediterranean area published in English & French by the Roberto Cimetta Fund, is available to download below.

Here is an extract from the Introduction....

We always come back to mobility. It’s the magic word of cultural co-operation. But what exactly are we talking about? Between migration – mobility limited by a search for better conditions of life – and what we would call ‘travel’, mobility always has many causes. Between the traveller who freely chooses a destination and the one who depends on a right of entry granted by someone else, the conditions of mobility are hardly the same. Between quick trips and residence, the impact of mobility on the mobile person – and on those who stay behind – is very different.

This publication addresses the mobility of cultural players: a mobility founded, in principle, on a desire for discovery, for reflection and for working together with those who operate in a different cultural context… from one side of the Mediterranean to the other.

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