ENCATC ADVANCED SEMINAR REPORT: Rethinking Cultural Evaluation: Going Beyond GDP

On 23 of October 2014, 50 researchers, academics, cultural operators and practitioners, cultural managers and representatives from European and international institutions met in Paris to discuss about the most recent advancements in cultural evaluation. All in all, more than 11 countries were represented with participants coming from as far as Morocco and Australia. Among the audience were representatives of the European Commission, UNESCO, OECD, the European Cultural Foundation, the French Ministry of Culture, the British Council, the Louvre Museum, as well as directors of prominent cultural networks and art organizations.

Organised by ENCATC in partnership with the University of Deusto, BizkaiLab and the Diputación Foral de Bizkaia, this event was hosted by Vivendi Universal. After the seminars “Rethinking Cultural Evaluation: Going Beyond GDP” (Antwerp, 2013) and “Place of culture in sustainable development: going beyond the GDP indicators” (New York City, 2013), the debate on cultural indicators has continued in 2014 with the Advanced Seminar organized in Paris. This debate in Paris was a unique platform for the major players on this topic to share their research and results from their respective policies and projects on evaluation in the arts and culture. Participants gained insight into the most recent advancements in the debate on culture as an indicator of well‐being and development. A discussion followed on rethinking how to measure the spill‐over effects of cultural and creative industries and how to evaluate cultural approaches.

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