Evaluation in the creative sector : why, what, when, and how?

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A guideline for the evaluation of cultural projects, programmes, strategies, and institutions, Published by Migros Culture Percentage and Pro Helvetia Swiss Arts Council.

Evaluation is fashionable. In many areas, evaluation plays an important role, and in some countries, it has even become a central element to steer political actions. At the end of the sixties, the professionalism of evaluation procedures became more established, especially within the framework
of the effective measurement of education, development, health and social policy to demonstrate the effectiveness of implemented programmes in Europe.
What about the cultural sector? Financial constraints, legitimacy pressure, service agreements, objective achievements, efficiency control, effective cultural policy and facilitation, are these just empty words? Not at all. The reality of every cultural institution today shows that evaluation in this particular sector has become a necessity.

It has become obvious that guidelines are needed for the implementation of evaluation
in the creative sector from discussions with cultural funding institutions and key players in culture. Therefore, it was agreed to develop simple, competent and practical guidelines, which show how to plan, organise and execute an evaluation.
Lessons learnt from practice, and evaluation examples from the creative sector are available to interested audiences.

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