Ixia Public Art Think Tank - A guide to evaluation

ixia is England’s public art think tank. They promote and influence the development and implementation of public art policies, strategies and projects by creating and distributing knowledge to arts and non-arts policy makers and delivery organisations within the public and private sectors, curators, artists and the public. ixia is funded by Arts Council England (ACE) and is a charitable company limited by guarantee.

In 2004, ixia commissioned OPENspace, the research centre for inclusive access to outdoor environments based at the Edinburgh College of Art and Heriot-Watt University, to research ways of evaluating public art (see link below). Much of the content of this practical Guide has been informed by that academic research. However, the Guide’s emphasis and content has also been shaped by feedback from ixia’s Evaluation Seminars and fieldwork conducted by ixia and consultants who have used ixia’s ‘Evaluation Toolkit’.

This Guide was first published in 2009. Since then, it has been updated annually in response to changes in UK Government policy.

Find the guide online (2014 edition)