Business Guide for artists, creatives and small cultural organisations

In the Business Guide for artists, creatives and small cultural organisations, whether starting out or already established, you will find useful information and tips for marking out your future. For you as an individual or if you work with other people. The focus is on the entrepreneurial aspect of your profession: how to ensure you are seen and heard, how to organise your business, how to work towards your future and where to go when you need information and advice. 

The guide is more related to The Netherlands but many advice and resources are relevant internationally.

Cultuur+Ondernemen (Culture+Entrepreneurship) is the knowledge centre for entrepreneurship in the cultural sector. We support cultural organisations, independently working artists and creatives who wish to get more return on their activities. To this end we work in partnership with governments and funds to increase the impact of their cultural policy and investments. With our funding and governance programmes we strengthen the cultural sector and make it more independent so that it can flourish and so the community can benefit from the effects culture provides. 

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