CASA multimedia guides (Circus and Street Arts) > Focus on Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, Spain and Sweden

The CASA website  includes guides, providing professional information mapping 5 different cultural context including direct links to more online information, videomaterial and extracts of video interviews with local stakeholders, providing you with inspiring examples of good practices and tips and tricks on topics like audience development and marketing and communication. 

These multimedia guides are dedicated to professionals from the circus and outdoor arts field and anyone who wants to find out more about the sector. 


CASA is a European support programme designed by five arts organisations: MiramirO (Belgium), CircusInfo Finland (Finland), Cirqueon (Czech Republic), FiraTàrrega (Spain) and Subtopia (Sweden). Together they join forces to equip professionals from the contemporary circus and outdoor creation sectors towork and cooperate transnationally, raising their ambition and capacity to work at international level.

The programme aims at unfolding work opportunities, helping practitioners to access international markets and make new connections by developing their knowledge on different cultural contexts and artistic environments thus enhancing their (inter)cultural competences and skills.
CASA makes both professional expertise and quality information accessible, and facilitates the sharing of knowledge and know how, in order to diversify approaches and work methods.

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