Agenda 21 for Culture: Self-evaluating tool on culture in sustainable development

The UCLG (United Cities and Local Government) Committee on Culture established a Global Panel of experts to assess to what extent the 100 actions contained in the toolkit Culture 21 Actions, adopted in March 2015, are being implemented in cities around the world.

Results of the observations made by the 34 members of the Global Panel can now be found on its website. They allow identifying that the highest score is in the thematic area “Heritage, Diversity and Creativity” whereas the thematic area with lowest score is “Culture and the Environment”.

The average scores provided by the Global Panel also operate as a benchmark, which will enable local governments, activists, researchers and practitioners to compare the situation in their respective cities.

To this end, the online questionnaire used by the Global Panel is now available for public use. Based on the 100 actions of Culture 21 Actions, the questionnaire is open to local governments, individuals and organisations (academics, activists, civil society, etc.) interested in self-evaluating to what extent an integrated vision of culture in sustainable development exists in their cities.

Use it and share it!