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The European social partners in the live performance sector have launched two new online interactive tools to support risk assessment ("OiRA" tools). The OiRA tools for the Live Performance sector have been developed to give venues, production companies and all those working in the sector a roadmap to address the many health and safety challenges they face.

The Live Performance sector encompasses workplaces with such a diversity of elements to be considered in relation to occupational health and safety, that they can prove an enormous challenge. When one considers the technical elements in relation to set, rigging and stage; the stunts and performances on the stage; the chemical and hazardous substances that may be used in special effects; frequent high noise levels and the presence of an audience; it is clear that special, sector-specific risk assessment approaches are vitally necessary to prevent accident and injury.

For that reason, the European social partners of the live performance, Pearle* - Live Performance Europe and EAEA (the European Arts and Entertainment Alliance), decided in 2012 to start developing an Online interactive Risk Assessment (OiRA) tool, with the financial support of the European Commission. Three years of intensive work have in fact resulted in two tools: one of which is geared towards venues in the performing arts and one which is intended to facilitate risk assessment for productions. Certain modules and elements are common to both and both include a specific section addressing the vital coordination and communication between between venue and production.

Such tools can be useful in the context of touring and collaboration works.

Start now to assess your risks!