a.RTISTS IN TRANSIT / How to become an artist in residence

The publication a.RTISTS IN TRANSIT / how to become an artist in residence has been released. On invitation of IGBK, the Berlin Weißensee School of Art and the Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations (ifa) artists, curators and researchers discussed reasons for artists’ mobility at a conference that was held in 2011 in Berlin. Also they gave attention to the impacts of mobility on life and work of artists.

The publication collects contributions by Leonie Baumann, Paolo Bianchi, Nikhil Chopra, Anna Lipphardt, Elke aus dem Moore/Natalia Kot, Peter Müller, Yasmine Ostendorf and Tanja Ostojic.
Those are accompanied by abstracts of the IGBK weblog a.RTISTS IN TRANSIT where artists who work and travel or do a residency abroad share experiences on their mobile lives (texts by Alfred Banze, Celine Condorelli, Christine Falk, Varsha Nair and Rona Rangsch).

The book a.RTISTS IN TRANSIT (in English language, summaries in German) is available at the IGBK office at a price of Euro 10 (incl. postage and shipping) (E-Mail: art@igbk.de).