European Circus Charter for Hosting Circuses in Towns, Circostrada Network, April 2011

This publication aims to promote circus arts in public spaces throughout Europe, by suggesting good practices to which signatories – circuses, local governments and other hosting entities – may willingly commit themselves.

Taking as a departure point previously developed projects, such as the French charter for hosting circuses in towns "Droit de cité pour le cirque" ("Establishment for the circus”), a European working group, coordinated by Circostrada Network, wrote in 2010 and 2011 a "European Circus Charter for Hosting Circuses in Towns". Finalised in May, this European Charter can from now on be adjusted and applied locally; national or regional working groups can be created with the objective to determinate the modalities of its application.

You can find the history of the project as well as methodological references on Circostrada's dedicated section.

The Charter is available for download here.