Reader on 'Mobility and Cultural cooperation in the age of digital spaces'

A reader has been produced by On-The-Move to complement the training sessions run in Bucharest and Helsinki in 2006 on the theme of Mobility and Cultural Cooperation.

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Transnational mobility for education and training purposes: European Quality Charter for Mobility

Focusing on the quality aspects of mobility, the European Quality Charter for Mobility constitutes a reference document for stays abroad in order to ensure that participants, both young people and adults, have a positive experience. Its scope covers stays by young people and adults for the purposes of both formal and non-formal learning and hence for their personal and professional development. It offers guidance designed to respond to participants' expectations and the legitimate requirements of education bodies and institutions. The Charter thus provides a better framework for free movement of persons in the field of education and training, so as to consolidate the creation of a true European area of education and training and enhance economic, social and regional cohesion.

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Authors' rights in French-speaking Africa - a practical guide for musicians

This practical guide, in French, on the rights of musicians in French-speaking African countries, is available on the site of the IRMA (Centre d’information et de ressources pour les musiques actuelles). Published in 2004.

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