Mobility, Intercultural Competence, Cultural Cooperation in the Age of Digital Space (2005)

A reader was produced to accompany training sessions in mobility and cultural cooperation run in Bucharest and Helsinki in 2005. It contains many useful articles, documents, statements and an extensive bibliography, produced by Training Director, Corina Suteu.

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Guide des meilleures pratiques environnementales des festivals de musique, publié par EneRis

Ce guide identifie les principaux enjeux, recense les meilleures pratiques, propose des évaluations d’impact ainsi que des témoignages d’experts ou de professionnels engagés dans ces démarches.

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Launching of International Co-Production Manual, Co-Publication by IETM and KAMS

KAMS (Korea Arts Management Service) and IETM (international network for contemporary performing arts) are delighted to launch the International Co-Production Manual Researched and written by Judith Staines, MJ Chung and Sophie Travers.

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Most frequently asked questions by artists and answers about their European Citizens’ Rights - A new ECAS / Practics document

The European Citizens Action Service (ECAS) is a partner of the mobility pilot project Practics wich strives to provide tools for better information provision for cultural mobility. ECAS has just released "Most frequently asked questions by artists and answers about their European Citizens’ Rights". Get aware of your rights as EU citizen-artist!

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SEAS Dock – a tool for people who are engaging in transnational collaboration in Europe

SEAS Dock is the legacy of European arts platform Black/North SEAS 2006-2010.

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ON-AiR website: tools for mobile artists

ON-AiR is a collaborative project of 19 partners; artist-in-residence centers, art education institutes, municipalities, knowledge centers and artists-run initiatives in 15 EU countries coordinated by Trans Artists.

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The status of the artist in Belgium

Belgium is home to many artists On the Move. A new professional status has been applicable to artists in Belgium since 1 July 2003. In order to meet the questions regarding this status, the Kunstenloket published a brochure which explains the various legal aspects of the status in a convenient and understandable manner. (version française dans l'article)

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International visas and taxation: a guide for performing arts organisations in Australia and New Zealand

This guide helps navigate the sometimes complex processes surrounding visas, work permits and taxes when preparing to tour internationally. Dedicated to Australian and New Zealand performing arts companies touring worlwide, it contains useful information for artists of all countries and disciplines on target countries in Europe, Asia, Latin and North America.

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Moving Arts: managing the carbon impacts of our touring by Julie´s Bicycle

Moving Arts asseses the carbon impacts of Bands, Orchestras and Theatres touring the UK and internationally

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Co-production and touring

IETM invited Guy Cools, independent producer, to write a document on the dos and don'ts of co-production and touring in Europe. (version française dans l'article)

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Tax and social security

This basic guide has been prepared by Judith Staines to help artists and arts professionals understand better the main issues that affect how and what they are paid when they work abroad in Europe. 2007

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Global Roaming - mobility beyond Europe for professional artists and arts managers

This short guide to global mobility is written by Judith Staines for artists and cultural operators. It is concerned with professional mobility, travel to and work in places beyond Europe. (version française dans l'article)

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Authors and performers rights

Rosa Videira has written a short guide to authors’ rights, collective administration of royalties and contracts for artists and performers.

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www.kunstenloket.be in English and French

The Kunstenloket is a contact point for practical and legal advice on everything to do with working as an artist in Belgium. Since ever more foreign artists are using Kunstenloket services, the information on the artist’s status, reimbursements and foreign artists in Belgium is now available in English and French on the website.

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Artists Moving & Learning national reports

The “Artists Moving & learning” two year research project analysed the impact of mobility of artists in Europe from an educational and lifelong learning perspective. The first outcomes have been published: ten national monographs with interviews of artists from the performing and visual arts in 10 EU member states.

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Artist Visa Applications: Arguments for Success - Il visto per gli artisti: argomenti per il successo

How do you argue when visa issuing offices and embassies continue to violate international recommendations and conventions? This Freemuse “Quick Guide” tackles various points set out in international conventions and recommendations to help you argue for smooth visa handling.

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Minimum Terms and Conditions for Dancers Working Abroad

A guidance and reference document, from 2009, from EuroFIA, the European Group of the International Federation of Actors.

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Mobility Infopoint Mapping in Italy

the study pursued two main goals: mapping the Italian situation of information offer and demand related to culture mobility, and defining a set of quality criteria to apply to a Mobility Infopoint which could possibly be set up in Italy. (version française dans l'article)

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Study “International mobility of artists and other professionals active in the field of culture”, Portugal

The study “International mobility of artists and other professionals active in the field of culture” is now available online.

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AIR_J - Online Database of Artists-in-Residence Programmes in Japan

AIR_J is a website dedicated to disseminating information about Artist-in-Residence programmes across Japan in both Japanese and English.

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