Guide to funding opportunities for cultural journalists in Europe: an On the Move research dossier commissioned by the Unpack the Arts project

The partners of Unpack the Arts approached On the Move in 2012 to work on a specific guide to funding opportunities for European cultural journalists’ mobility, based on the model of the Guide to Funding Opportunities for the international mobility of artists and cultural professionals in Europe. The guide is now online for free! (update: May 2014)

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Artguide Germany - Information about opportunities for artists and cultural professionals in Germany

Artguide Germany (by the ifa - German Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations) is intended for use by international artists and people in the creative industries who wish to find information about the German art scene, or are looking for an opportunity to undertake artistic work in Germany. Links and resources about organisations, institutions but also funding, visa issues, magazines and studies can be found.

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Les profils culturels des pays francophones du sud

The International Organisation of Francophonie (OIF) has started an in-depth mapping of cultural industries in thirteen countries of the "Francophone" South, including Central and Western Africa, Asia-Pacific and Caribbean. These online publications (in French) are an interesting resource for residents of one of these countries or if you have an interest in collaborating with organisations from one or more of these countries.

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Kompas1 : Tools of navigation for touring and co-producing theatres in Denmark and Sweden

Kompas1 provides practical tools for theatre touring and co-productions in the Øresund Region. This site has organised information about tours and co-productions in Denmark and Sweden with the hope of strengthening cultural cooperation and exchange within the region.

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Closer Look: European Cultural Networks in Practice

The handbook offers in-depth information on the networks, how they operate and how they are formed with a series of examples; it also providesgeneral tips and guidance on how to network.

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International Perspectives on Artist Residencies - IFACCA d'Art Topic n. 45

In October 2012, IFACCA conducted a survey of its members to understand more about global trends in government support for artist residencies, in preparation for the Res Artis General Meeting in Tokyo, Japan. The report considers government support for artist residencies, objectives and outcomes of residencies, mapping of residencies, funding opportunities, evaluation and future actions. Download it for free!

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Le Guide des obligations sociales liées à l’emploi d’artistes et de techniciens dans les secteurs du spectacle vivant et enregistré

Ce guide rassemble des informations sur les obligations légales et réglementaires des entrepreneurs du spectacle (notamment dans les cas de mobilité internationale). Il est mis à la disposition des acteurs culturels du spectacle vivant.

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ECAS' Guide to European Funding for the Non Profit Sector 2013-2014

The 19th edition of the Guide provides the essential starting point to understanding how to access European Funding. Not for free.

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Competencies for new contexts

TAFI - Training Artists for Innovation, Competencies for new contexts was a project examining the stimulation of innovation and creativity in European businesses through interventions by artists and creatives. The final publication is available for free download.

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Touring Artists, an information portal for internationally mobile artists, provides comprehensive information in Germany

touring artists, an information portal for internationally mobile artists, provides comprehensive information on visas/residence, transport/customs, taxes, social security, other insurances and copyright in Germany.

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Guide to artistic residencies for circus and street arts by Circostrada network

Circostrada Network - OTM member - published a set of directories of artistic residency centres that are specialized in the street and circus arts, or that host artists from these sectors, located in France, Belgium and the UK. Free download!

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Have you worked in more than one EU country? Your pension rights explained!

Have you worked in one or more European countries? Are you worried about your pension rights? A recently published leaflet on pensions in the EU outlines your entitlements. Artists are often "mobile" and their employment statuses can vary, but this free leaflet can help you understand the basics and whom to ask for more details.

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It's not easy being green!

“It’s Not Easy Being Green: Two Designers Exploring Sustainability Worldwide” is a new publication that brings together six months research visiting inspiring sustainable design projects in a dozen countries worldwide. Together with almost 60 designers, entrepreneurs and change-makers from several countries the authors share experiences, project examples and local culture to inspire and enable a more sustainable future. Read about this!

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Guide pratique de la mobilité des artistes et techniciens du spectacle en Europe (French only)

Le "Guide pratique de la mobilité des artistes et techniciens du spectacle en Europe" contient les informations essentielles à savoir pour faciliter la mobilité professionnelle des ressortissants de l’UE.

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a.RTISTS IN TRANSIT / How to become an artist in residence

On invitation of IGBK, the Berlin Weißensee School of Art and the Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations (ifa) artists, curators and researchers discussed reasons for artists’ mobility at a conference that was held in 2011 in Berlin. Also they gave attention to the impacts of mobility on life and work of artists. Not for free.

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Green Mobility Guide for the Performing Arts: Julie's Bicycle & On the Move research dossier in 5 languages!

On The Move and Julie´s Bicycle present a new green guide to environmentally sustainable mobility for touring performing arts companies and venues. Download for free this OTM research dossier (available in English, French, Italian, German and Chinese)!

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表演艺术绿色国际交流指南 – 中文版!Green Mobility Guide for the Performing Arts in Chinese!

The Green Mobility Guide, commissioned by On the Move to the environmental experts Julie's Bicycle in May 2011, is now available in Chinese thanks to the support of the Chinese Mission to the EU in Brussels (besides the English, French, Italian and German versions). Free download, of course!

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Guide de la mobilité verte dans le spectacle vivant - dossier de recherche actualisé en français!

Le guide de la mobilité verte, commissionné par On the Move au groupe d'expert sur les questions environnementales Julie's Bicycle en mai 2011, après une traduction partielle en français, est maintenant disponible dans sa totalité (glossaire inclus), grâce au soutien du Ministère français de la Culture et de la Communication. Téléchargement gratuit.

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A list of artists' residencies in Germany

The Goethe Institut's website lists the artists' residencies in Germany by location.

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La mobilité des artistes dans la Grande Région - Artists' mobility in the Greater Region

Les artistes de la Grande Région sont confrontés à des règles juridiques et fiscales très différentes dans chaque région. L'étude fait le point sur les règles juridiques et fiscales qui concernent les artistes qui veulent travailler dans la Grande Région, et liste les lieux de ressources dans chaque région.

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