Ultimate Cookbook for Cultural Managers - Taxation of Artists in an International Context

The Ultimate Cookbook for Cultural Managers - Taxation of Artists in an International Context is the second publication of the RISE project. The European Festivals Association (EFA) and Pearle*-Live Performance Europe have teamed up to improve knowledge on legal and managerial aspects on cross-border cooperation within the EFA RISE project, funded by the Creative Europe Programme from the European Union from 2014 until 2017.

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TamizdatAVAIL > Visa solving project (US) for the performing arts sector

TamizdatAVAIL (“Artist Visa Assistance and Information Line”) provides pro bono assistance to the international performing arts community with U.S. visa problems. The project grew in response to the performing arts community’s concern that an increasingly complex and unpredictable U.S. visa process is having a significant negative impact on the presentation of foreign performing artists to U.S. audiences.

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European Citizen Action Service - ECAS Knowledge Centre

The ECAS Knowledge Centre is an online collection of resources on two broad themes: EU Rights and Civic Engagement in Europe. It aims at assisting civil society campaigners, researchers, analysts, academics, advisors, policy makers and interested citizens navigate through the large amount of information available in a user-friendly manner.

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Check list: Tour in China (performing arts, music etc.)

This document is extracted from the former website “ China – UK Connections through Culture” (supported by the British Council). The information is targeted at UK/Chinese professionals, however the list of tips and advice can be relevant for other European/international groups.

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Kompas1 : Tools of navigation for touring and co-producing theatres in Denmark and Sweden

Kompas1 provides practical tools for theatre touring and co-productions in the Øresund Region. This site has organised information about tours and co-productions in Denmark and Sweden with the hope of strengthening cultural cooperation and exchange within the region.

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Le Guide des obligations sociales liées à l’emploi d’artistes et de techniciens dans les secteurs du spectacle vivant et enregistré

Ce guide rassemble des informations sur les obligations légales et réglementaires des entrepreneurs du spectacle (notamment dans les cas de mobilité internationale). Il est mis à la disposition des acteurs culturels du spectacle vivant.

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Have you worked in more than one EU country? Your pension rights explained!

Have you worked in one or more European countries? Are you worried about your pension rights? A recently published leaflet on pensions in the EU outlines your entitlements. Artists are often "mobile" and their employment statuses can vary, but this free leaflet can help you understand the basics and whom to ask for more details.

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European Circus Charter for Hosting Circuses in Towns, Circostrada Network, April 2011

This publication aims to promote circus arts in public spaces throughout Europe, by suggesting good practices to which signatories – circuses, local governments and other hosting entities – may willingly commit themselves.

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Mobility guide for performing artists and technicians in Europe - Eures and EU employment agencies

Mobility Guide for Performing arts professionals in Europe, including 4 factsheets about Germany, Belgium, Sweden and Switzerland. French only.

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New Legal Guide to Cultural Mobility in Spain, by Interarts - Practics Infopoint, November 2011

This publication, available in Spanish, addresses issues such as residence and work permits, labour and Social Security legislation, taxation, the recognition of academic and professional qualifications and business creation. Version française dans l'article.

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Most frequently asked questions by artists and answers about their European Citizens’ Rights - A new ECAS / Practics document

The European Citizens Action Service (ECAS) is a partner of the mobility pilot project Practics wich strives to provide tools for better information provision for cultural mobility. ECAS has just released "Most frequently asked questions by artists and answers about their European Citizens’ Rights". Get aware of your rights as EU citizen-artist!

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Your Europe: Help and advice on your life, work and travel in the EU

Your Europe portal, the official source of information and assistance to help mobile Europeans understand and defend their EU rights.

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International visas and taxation: a guide for performing arts organisations in Australia and New Zealand

This guide helps navigate the sometimes complex processes surrounding visas, work permits and taxes when preparing to tour internationally. Dedicated to Australian and New Zealand performing arts companies touring worlwide, it contains useful information for artists of all countries and disciplines on target countries in Europe, Asia, Latin and North America.

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Tax and social security

This basic guide has been prepared by Judith Staines to help artists and arts professionals understand better the main issues that affect how and what they are paid when they work abroad in Europe. 2007

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Authors and performers rights

Rosa Videira has written a short guide to authors’ rights, collective administration of royalties and contracts for artists and performers.

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Artist Visa Applications: Arguments for Success - Il visto per gli artisti: argomenti per il successo

How do you argue when visa issuing offices and embassies continue to violate international recommendations and conventions? This Freemuse “Quick Guide” tackles various points set out in international conventions and recommendations to help you argue for smooth visa handling.

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Minimum Terms and Conditions for Dancers Working Abroad

A guidance and reference document, from 2009, from EuroFIA, the European Group of the International Federation of Actors.

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New EU Visa Code in force

Since the 5th April 2010, the EU Visa Code has become applicable. This EU regulation has been adopted in order to increase transparency, simplify and accelerate the procedures concerning Schengen visas.

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Handbook "La Circulation internationale du spectacle" by Cendryne Roé in French

La circulation internationale du spectacle - Guide pratique de la diffusion du spectacle vivant et de la mobilité des artistes Vous avez un projet qui allie spectacle, tournées à l’étranger, musiciens du monde entier? Vous cherchez à clarifier le «flou artistique» qui règne dès que l’on aborde «les eaux internationales»?

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ACTSAFE Health & Safety Guidelines published by International Federation of Actors (FIA)

International Federation of Actors (FIA) publishes new Health and Safety Guidelines for Live Performance, Film & Television work - a useful resource for internationally mobile performers. Available in English & French.

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