Culture Agora - The new wiki platform for the creative industries and all the arts

A new wiki platform, at the service of all creative industries is born: Culture Agora has been especially designed to suit the need for extra visibility and expansion some creative industries may have, all while providing new information to people who also might be interested, whether it’d be on funding opportunities, trainings or courses.

The World Wide Web is full of information of all kinds, and sometimes that can be overwhelming. Funding, job or training opportunities, events within festivals, awards, are not ranked according to the searcher’s criteria or needs. That leaves a large amount of information “hidden” even if it is online, unless you know very precisely what you are looking for.

The same can be said about a video of an interesting press conference or a workshop, a master class, or the stellar moments of a film awards’ ceremony: yes, it is all available on line somewhere, but can it really be discovered unless you know all its details already?

This new tool, promoted by former Director of Spain’s Film Agency (ICAA), Ignasi Guardans, is conceived as a place in which information (text and video) becomes manageable, “filterable” constantly updated, freely available for all users interested in any area of culture and the creative industries. A wiki tool: the platform is there to discover this content in an easy way, but that content can be posted by anyone, from anywhere, in any language. 

Culture Agora organizes content which must have been published somewhere already. And it offers the user a multiple criteria-searching instrument to select among offers for project collaborations, grants and funding opportunities, training, job offers, markets, exhibitions, competitions and many other current information related to the cultural sphere. 

Its wiki structure, open to the publication of any information previously posted somewhere else on Internet benefits the international, multilingual visibility of all organisations, big or small. Soon, much in the way it can be done when looking for an apartment to rent or buy, the interested user can leave his/her search criteria, and the platform will send any a personalized content corresponding to those criteria if someone posted it on Agora: workshops for producers; jobs for dancers or music teachers; or new videos from festivals..

The platform wants to reach geographical Europe and the South Mediterranean. Its structure is now accessible in English, French, Spanish, German and soon, Dutch, while an internal automatic translation tool allows access to its content in any language. A content which will always remain updated, as it expires within 6 months or less.

For more information, or to start posting content, go to www.cultureagora.info.