Contribute to the Forest of Souls!

The artist Julien Friedler invites you to leave a trace in our human world. How does it work? Julien Friedler chose six questions he considers essential and which are at the basis of any of our societies. He invites anybody to answer it. We may all have a word to say, a short story in relation to the subject. The questionnaires will be then printed and placed at the heart of columns. Each column will finally include 5,000 questionnaires and all of them will form the Forest of Souls.

You can reply to this questionnaire in 16 languages including English, French, Russian, Italian, Bulgarian, Spanish, German, Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian etc.

Check as well the new social network for artists by the association, Spirit of Boz.

The association Spirit of Boz supported financially On the Move in the year 2013.