Get ready for the European Elections 2014!

The European elections that will take place in May 2014 will impact strategies and policies that the Union will put in place, trying to recover from the economic and democratic meltdown it is currently facing. The elections are a unique opportunity to advocate for sustainable, just and democratic models of development, rooted in Europe’s cultural assets

See below two documents and toolkits which can be useful for you: 

1) The political manifesto by Culture Action Europe (CAE) for the European elections, presenting CAE’s vision for the European project and its demands for the future European Parliament, was sent to European political parties, European political groups and all MEPs on 23 January 2014.

Among the appeals, one can read in the CAE manifesto: "To support the cultural and artistic circulation throughout Europe (‘Erasmus for the arts’) and to remove all barriers to it, including byzantine visa regulations and taxation/welfare conditions impossible to reconcile. In general to further promote the coordination of European social protection systems to guarantee the wellbeing of citizens and decent conditions of work and production for all".

Please publish this manifesto on your websites and social media and help CAE to disseminate it to national political parties and ideally to candidates in your country.

2) You can also use the excellent condensed advocacy-kit prepared by Trans Europe Halles.

This condensed advocacy-kit comes with a Graphic toolkit with graphics ready to publish.

This is a remixed version of Culture Action Europes’ - European Elections toolkit (see above). Where the Culture Action Europe version aims for depth, this version goes for speed.

In this remixed version you’ll find 6 pages containing:
1. The main issues
2. Quick reminder on the EU institutions with focus on the parliament
3. Cue cards for conversations with friends and the public
4. A list of demands (written on the palm of a hand)
5. A list of possible actions. 


You can also refer to the manifesto by the European Cultural Foundation, "Shaping Europe through Culture".