Bread and Salt Stories of Artists and Migration: A free online publication

"Bread and salt" is a new book exploring issues of migration through the experiences of 18 artists living in Europe who began life and their creative practice in other parts of the world.

Written by François Matarasso, with images by Bill Ming, and two poems in Hindi by Mohan Rana.  Dutch text by Marco Derks.

Bread and Salt weaves together stories of artists who, in their art and lives, make a distinctive contribution to intercultural dialogue in Europe. Intertwined with these stories are historical and philosophical threads, some of them personal. But the larger part of the fabric draws on conversations with artists now living in Europe whose lives, and usually careers, began far from here - in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East.

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This information came via OTM member / ASEF and its cultural portal Culture360.org.