Everyday Innovators, Innovative Work Practices in the Cultural Sector - IETM publication

Do you need some fresh air in your everyday practices at work?

Are you looking for new ways to exchange ideas and learn from your colleagues?

Would you grab an opportunity to get inspired, share, talk or just watch documentaries with your colleagues half a day per week?

Do you think that cooking or skiing regularly with your staff could improve the way information is shared in your organisation?

If your answer to each of these questions is yes, then IETM’s new publication is for you!

Everyday Innovators is a free online publication commissioned by IETM and researched by La Belle Ouvrage. It brings up practical examples of innovative work organisation practices in the cultural sector in Europe. Based on hands-on case studies, it aims at providing cultural professionals with new and positive elements of reflection and action for human resource management.

Have a good reading!