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AIR_J - Online Database of Artists-in-Residence Programmes in Japan

AIR_J is a website dedicated to disseminating information about Artist-in-Residence programmes across Japan in both Japanese and English.

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Residence Opportunities in France - Artistay Service

Artistay’s service is for artists throughout the world and from different cultural backgrounds, who are engaged in a professional process of research and creation. Artisstay can help you to achieve your aim of finding a residence in France, and one ideally suited to your requirements.

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Impediments to Mobility in the EU Live Performance Sector and Possible Solutions

This study was carried out during the European Year of Workers’ Mobility 2006 and is part of a wider project on mobility in the European Union’s live performance sector, called Mobile.Home, which was initiated by several European organisations active in the live performance sector in Europe (Finnish Theatre Information Centre, Pearle*, On-the-Move, IETM, Goethe-Institut, Visiting Arts & associated partners)

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