EuroFIA Handbook - Dancers' Career Transition - Available now - English; Français; Español

The FIA Handbook on Dancers’ Career Transition is now available for download on the FIA website.

It is available in

English: http://www.fia-actors.com/uploads/Dancers_Handbook_EN.pdf

French: http://www.fia-actors.com/uploads/Dancers-Handbook_FR.pdf

Spanish: http://www.fia-actors.com/uploads/Dancers_Handbook_SP.pdf

Dancers are highly mobile professionals through the various stages of their career. This handbook compiles and analyses the data and information collected through desk research and a survey of EuroFIA members. It also offers a review of relevant national and international resources on dancers’ career transitions, as well as the discussions and exchanges at the project seminar in Berlin. It has been drafted with a view to bringing together the key elements for consideration in relation to successfully putting in place transition schemes for dancers.

On the Move welcomes this new publication of its member FIA devoted to dancers, highly mobile artistic professionals.