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Greenland is an island with limited natural resources and a harsh climate. The artisanal techniques take into account geographical constraints. The Inuit culture is very much connected to its land. The craftsmen find their inspiration in nature and mostly work with materials such as stone, wood, soil, wool, skin and bones of hunted animals (e.g. seal and reindeer). The Inuit crafts developed accordingly to the nomadic traditional lifestyle, alongside with the hunting and fishing practices but also to the animist beliefs. 

Hors Pistes will invite 6 designers and an editorial team composed of 2 members for this residency programme in Nuuk. By going “off-road” Hors Pistes offers professionals the opportunity to participate in a multidisciplinary laboratory and reflect on conventional production models by encouraging innovative creative processes.

Designers will exchange and lead a project with Greenlandic artisans.
The editorial team will document the workshops’ daily life, the working environment and will realise a publication.

The residency will take place from July 1 to July 31, 2017.

The selected candidates will have the
following expenses covered*:
- A shared accommodation in Nuuk for the month long residency;
- Transportations and food related costs;
- Experimentation, models production and prototyping costs within the framework of the workshop;
- Return airfare ticket (City of residence to Nuuk / Nuuk to city of residence).

Deadline: 30 November

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